Side Effects of HCG Diet and Solutions

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HCG diet is one among the methods to help people to lose their weight. It requires severe diet to be followed and alongside the HCG hormone is also taken by the person. HCG is a hormone produced in a human woman when she is pregnant. This hormone is artificially injected to HCG dieters to help them lose weight. The hormone is taken in so many ways like injections, drops, pills, sprays etc by the dieters. It is commonly reported that taking HCG shots i.e. HCG injections is responsible for causing more side effects than any other mode of intake does. If you are injected with HCG and you find the following side effects, you may consider to switch over to drops from HCG shots.

Most of the people who are all taking HCG injections have reported that they have headaches. The intensity of the pain ranges from mild and annoying to extremely severe as to stop the person to function. This has been published in many HCG diet forums as well.

Irritability is another common side effect experienced by the HCG dieters who take injections. Switching to drops has helped many of the dieters to get rid of the irritable feeling and they feel high energy levels between meals. The reason for the irritable feeling is the low calorie food consumed by the dieters. They are allowed to take in only 500 calories a day. The solution can be switching from HCG shots to HCG drops.

Restlessness is another side effect of HCG diet. This will prevent you from enjoying your down time and you can’t even enjoy your sleep either. The remedy for avoiding this side effect can be doing physical exercises. Since exercises are not allowed for a HCG dieter, you need to find any other way to solve this. Taking HCG through oral drops instead of getting them from injections will surely help you. The oral drops consist of a combination of supplements to keep your energy level even.

The opposite state of restlessness is fatigue which is also a side effect of HCG diet. If you can’t sleep well and if you are always agitated, you will get the feeling of fatigue also. There are some suggestions to use homeopathic drops to get rid of this fatigue feeling.

If you experience any of the following side effects after an HCG injection, you must immediately go for a medical assistance.

Difficulty in breathing or in swallowing, swelling of the tongue or lips or hives;

Confusion or extreme drowsiness;

Warmth felt in your extremities;

Extreme headache, pain or tingling;

Many people choose HCG drops instead of injections in order to avoid side effects. The HCG given in drops is small in amount but it has high effectiveness. The dieters who use drops don’t report about any side effects. Even if there is any side effect, it can be easier to manage when compared to the side effects caused by HCG shots.