Players Think This Brand is the ‘Magical’ R4 3DS Card

by admin .

We humans want to dub things with something. For example, you might say that Michael Jordan is the “goat” or “Greatest of all Time”.

The same is also true with R4 3DS cards. A lot of R4 3DS card owners also want to dub some products in the market as well.

There is one particular R4 3DS card that is dubbed as the “magical” one because of its features. What is this “magical” R4 3DS card, you ask? Well, it is none other than the Sky3DS Plus R4 3DS Card.

In today’s article, I am going to be talking about the Sky3DS Plus R4 3DS Card and why people dub this is the “magical” R4 3DS card.

  1. Play a Lot Games. The beauty of R4 3DS cards is that it allows you to download games over the internet for free and play them on your Nintendo 3DS portable game console. The thing is, all of the R4 3DS cards support this feature but the Sky3DS Plus R4 3DS Card is a little bit different. It is a bit different because this R4 3DS card does not have any game limitations. What I mean by this is that you can store as many games as you want and it will play seamlessly on the Sky3DS Plus R4 3DS Card. You can have a lot of games stored on your R4 3DS card if your microSD card permits it.
  2. Play Nintendo DS games. Nintendo DS is another great portable gaming console by the big N and it is actually the predecessor of the Nintendo 3DS. The thing about the Nintendo DS is that a lot of people still want to play its games because there are a lot of amazing games on the said platform. Luckily, the Sky3DS Plus R4 3DS Card allows you to play Nintendo DS games on your Nintendo 3DS. All you have to do is download your favorite Nintendo DS games over the internet like you would download games for the Nintendo 3DS. Then, just store them on your microSD card, plug it into your Sky3DS Plus R4 3DS Card, and play the games on your Nintendo 3DS without any further installation required.
  3. Extensive Support. The Sky3DS Plus R4 3DS Card is one of the only R4 3DS cards that has an amazing and extensive support when it comes to the card’s firmware. You see, if your R4 3DS card is not up to date, it might not work with the Nintendo 3DS. That is not the case with the Sky3DS Plus R4 3DS Card as it will always have new kernel/firmware available for you to download.
  4. Incredible Homebrew Support. Lastly, a lot of people dub the Sky3DS Plus R4 3DS Card as a magical R4 3DS card because aside from the aforementioned points, the Sky3DS Plus R4 3DS Card also has an incredible homebrew support. This R4 3DS card comes with the DLDI auto-patching feature and you can literally install whatever homebrew application you want to install on your Nintendo 3DS; all without manually patching them!

The Sky3DS Plus R4 3DS Card is one of the hottest R4 3DS cards on the market today. Although it’s priced high, the features of this R4 3DS card warrants it.