Ace3DS Plus R4 3DS Card

by admin .

The holidays are approaching, and you’ve probably received a Nintendo 3DS console just in time for Christmas. If you want to customize your Nintendo 3DS, you may want to get a hold of an R4 3DS card.

With so many options out there, it can be a daunting task to pick one. Fortunately for you, I will recommend you a card that has been great for so many years now. Introducing the Ace3DS Plus R4 3DS card.

The Ace3DS Plus is a new and improved version of the original Ace3DS. The original Ace3DS is one of the topnotch R4 3DS cards on the market for many, many years. Let’s see if the Ace3DS Plus R4 3DS card lives up to its predecessor’s reputation.

Here are the main features of the Ace3DS Plus:

  • Works perfectly on 3DS V10.3.0-28 and DSi V1.45 and all lower version
  • Several built-in emulators including FC,GBC,GB,MD,NEOGEO, play different games.
  • Use the third generation chip, working faster and lower power consumption
  • Customized wood firmware for Ace3ds Plus, designed by Ace3ds team.
  • Support all the commercial roms and homebrews
  • Auto detect the game save data size.
  • Built-in DLDI Auto-Patching, auto patch homebrew.
  • Running different SD cards at high speed
  • Support SDHC. (2G, 4G, 8G, 16G, 32G)
  • Support Slot-2, GBA package, Rumble Pack and other devices.
  • Support Wifi game, Download play
  • Different UI for choosing
  • Support soft reset
  • Support AR Cheat
  • Moonshell V2.10 attached in the ace3ds firmware.
  • Built-in multi-language

As you can see, it has nearly all the features of the Ace3DS with some nice additions. First, the Ace3DS Plus is now fitted with a better chip that is able to have faster read and write speeds than the original Ace3DS.

Furthermore, it supports the latest Wood firmware and the latest Moonshell v2.10 so that you can play all the Homebrew applications, emulators, and games to your heart’s content.

Also a striking difference from its predecessor is that the Ace3DS Plus comes in Pink. The card and the packaging sports a pink color scheme. I don’t know the reasoning behind this color scheme, but if you’re bothered of the color, you may want to get another card instead.

Still, the Ace3DS Plus is a lot faster and it has all the pre-installed goodies you could ask for in an R4 3DS card. The Ace3DS supports micro SD cards of up to 32GB for all your game storage needs.

The Original Ace3DS has a lot of good reviews, does the Ace3DS Plus also have their fair share? Let’s find out:

Ylona: “I owned an Ace3DS card before and I am very pleased with it. Since then, I’ve heard that the same company released an improved version in the form of Ace3DS Plus, so I rushed and bought myself some. I am very happy with my purchase because it has all the functionalities I need and it is also affordable!”

Princess: “The Ace3DS Plus is one of the best R4 3ds cards on the market. It’s got constant support and it is a little bit snappier than the previous version. In summary, I would highly recommend this r4 card.”

The Ace3DS Plus is another good card from the same manufacturer. With constant support, a faster chip, and a price tag of only $10, this is a solid R4 3DS card.